Know Your Goals

Don’t Plunge into the Internet and social media without us!

Building Communities

Recruit and mobilize a community for your causes, services or products, whether your organization is a commercial enterrpise or non-profit entity, using Computancy’s campaign communications tools and strategy support.


Take advantage of various social media platforms with the right tools and technologies to educate and deliberate social or business causes to a targeted audience within the mass public, or even in campaigns for candidates in elections.


Strategize and execute marketing campaigns for commercial services or products, using a 360 degree approach to maximize buzz and create returns in an efficient and measurable manner, with Computancy’s communications and media tools.

Corporate Communications

Maximize your returns from social media platforms beyond marketing and PR, through detailed risk analysis and target-oriented branding exercises for corporations, NGOs or public bodies, with Computancy’s executive consulting practice.

Technological Preparedness

Plan and execute against cyber-attacks and other risk affects facing your network infrastructure, protecting your up-time and efficiency while guarding the security and privacy of your network information with Computancy’s advanced technical consulting services.

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